Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fording a stream

 This is certainly the wrong bike for the situtation at hand, but there we were, a rugged old steelie with messenger tires and a path of streams, gravel, mud, and grass.  The most fun were the combo stream filled with grass. She almost made it through this one.

She's a noble forder of streams, sometimes...I took off the toe clips so I can use boots on my fixte. Fancy attachment system, and unfancy ones as well, put too many constraint on footwear. Unfortunately, I can't always have the right bike for the right adventure, sometimes I just have to follow where the questions lead. That's what this bike is for. Too bad the camera died before she got really muddy.

I was digging around the edge of town when these pictures were taken, more on where the sidewalk ends here.

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