Friday, October 24, 2008

Upcoming Hacks

Here are some hacks I'm working on for the commuter fixie, documented here to keep me motivated to work on them.

I have an old chrome cased generator light, for the front of the bike. It looks really beautiful mounted above the font brake, and matches the overall vintage style of the bike. I don't have any desire to actually run a generator, though. I am much happier with modern battery powered LED lights. They have no drag, weigh very little, and can be seen from along way off.

The plan is to fit the circuit board from a 2-mode blinky into the casing, along with a tray for AAA batteries, and build up an LED light bulb that will fit naturally into the housing. In this way, I can keep the vintage theme of the bike and still enjoy the benefits of modern lights.

The other hack is to make a mudflap for the front fender, preferably out of old tubes, because I have a ton of that material laying around. This one is very much on my mind after this mornings very wet ride, with soaking feet.

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