Friday, October 24, 2008

Wet Friday Riding

It is a raining morning in 5 points, my feet are already wet even though I have a long front fender on the bike. That's the first .5 miles of my day. Thank goodness for waterproof messenger bags, so at least the computer survives to write this journal note at the coffee shop. Presently, I'm praying that the rain will slack off before I have to move on with my day, for a few mile trip to the bank and another, in a different direction, to campus for an exciting day of class.

I don't care if it continues raining a little, but this is an Alabama downpour, not the worst we get but not at all like Portland, either. I came into the coffee shop dripping, but everyone is used to that now, so no one looks at me funny anymore. The old single speed gives good traction control, so that much is a blessing.

I enjoy the rain, the sound and the feel and the taste of it, but riding in weather like this is more of an endurance trial than a pleasure. I think I should have brought spare socks and shoes, because my fender cannot win against this.

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